Stop trying to be a superhero.

Super Hero

Running your own business requires super-human feats...

It's a rewarding, nerve-wracking, and exhausting experience. It takes guts, determination and the ability to tap into or learn skills across a wide spectrum. 

Eventually you realise you can't do absolutely everything that needs to be done quite as well as you do the one thing you love. You can't be a superhero. At least, not all the time and not forever.

Thats where the Local Marketing Guru comes in. I'll be your sidekick.

When you are ready to ramp up your activities, you'll need marketing support. 

When you are running inefficiently, you'll need management advice.

When you need that bit of extra help with the grunt work, you'll need a trusted person to take on the all the little tasks so you can concentrate on the main game. 

When you get to this stage, get in touch. You'll be surprised at my skill-set, and the range of projects I've worked on. 

Don't fall into the trap of false economies, thinking you can and should do it all yourself. Be smart, and hire an expert who can do the work in a quarter of the time. 

You'll avoid the burn-out, and you can concentrate on your passion. Now that's super!