Birthing a business and brand

Working closely with a former colleague to envision a new business providing a completely unique service, and developing a brand and marketing strategies to bring it to life. Website creation and collateral development in an unconventional workflow to accommodate client-side rapid movement has kept me on my toes, which is just how I like it.

Business and brand development

My client is an author, speaker, mentor and facilitator working with business leaders to build leadership capacity within a wide range of organisations across the region. After working in much the same way for a number of years, a fresh set of eyes was needed to tease out the future direction and develop strategies to move towards those strategic goals. Deep diving into the brand, personal and life-goals, and gently assisting in navigating in the desired direction across multiple business activities and with a strong set of KPAs and goals is the kind of work that is right in my wheelhouse.

Logistical, financial and administration support

Working with a national project funded by philanthropists, my client provides training and development to people at the leading edge of social and environmental change movements. My responsibilities have included arranging and coordinating the logistics of three week-long intensive on-site training sessions across Australia including transport, meals and accommodation for 25 cohort members, as well as tracking financials of income and expenditure to keep the project on budget.

Coordinating with an internationally sourced group of teachers and facilitators, and managing the website and assisting in producing a promotional video for the project, the variety of tasks has been complex with many moving parts and a great challenge.

Total marketing solution

Working with a professional service provider in Melbourne, my client required the 'all you can eat' package of what the Local Marketing Guru can offer.

My services included working on photo shoots to create a professional look and feel, working with video editors on content, creating a website from the ground up, researching and implementing a whole-of-business technological suite of products to manage a complicated and hectic schedule of client contact and service delivery.

Copy writing for the website, blog posts, social media content management, and managing marketing and promotional activities also formed part of the suite of services offered.

My client says:

"The Local Marketing Guru really did provide a one-stop-shop for everything I needed to take my business to the next level. A total professional who provided top quality advice and follow through, she's reliable, creative, and worth every single cent."

Re-brand and total website make over

Working with a local not for profit who's brand had become stale and overlooked in a busy environment, and with a barely functioning, clunky website, the challenge to cut through the noise and stand out, as well as follow through with a truly outstanding, customer-focused website was apparent from the get-go.

Working closely with a highly skilled team of brand specialists and web coders, the Local Marketing Guru coordinated the project from developing budgets, securing funding, going to tender and then, of course, all of the detailed work of planning and executing the re-brand and website rebuild.

Streamline online bookings

This small business had a team of 6-8 casual workers, all working remotely, and one person was tasked with answering innumerable phone calls, all with the same questions in order to take bookings.

The Local Marketing Guru set up a highly streamlined intake process using online forms with branching logic designed to reap the most important information without overwhelming the enquirer. Saving this business hundreds of hours each year, and providing a simple interface from both front and back end meant this business could seriously jump to the next level in professionalism, leading to bigger and better clients.

Passive internal communications channel

With dozens of offices around Australia, this large non-profit organisation needed a way to communicate to staff who were plagued with email fatigue and prone to just hit 'delete' without reading important information.

The Local Marketing Guru found a solution and created a channel taking advantage of the 'dead-air' of user's screensavers. Now, every computer which is not being used is a passive billboard for short, sharp messages, with the advantage of integrating with Active Directory to provide laser focused targeting from organisation-wide to sub-groups, to a single user.

National tourism TV commercial

A local area council embarked on a journey to share with Australia (and the world, via YouTube) the beauty and attractions of the region using TV as the medium. The Local Marketing Guru was contracted to produce the TV ad and contributed coordination, budgeting and talent casting and management to the project.