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Launching a new business, adding a new product or service, or making a significant strategic change requires careful scanning and planning.

To get you started, you'll need some thinking tools to help organise the information, ideas, and thoughts which are somewhere between barrelling towards you so fast your hair is blowing back, or hiding deep in the shadows where you are having trouble finding them. 

Below are some simple tools to get you started. Enjoy them completely free as my gift to you. You can download them right now, and start using them right away. 

PEST Analysis Tool

When your business is facing a challenge or change in direction or strategy, it is wise to take a step back and consider the wider picture. 

Using a PEST (Political | Economical | Social | Technological) Analysis Tool can help you gather your thoughts and spot anything concerning that you may have overlooked. 

Use this free PEST Analysis Tool to get you started in scanning your environment for factors which will effect your business or organisation. 

For a more detailed analysis, contact me to book a consultation.



SWOT Analysis Tool

If you are looking at making a significant change to your business, or wondering if you should launch a new product, or even if you should start a new venture, taking the time to do a SWOT Analysis will prove invaluable. 

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and the matrix is broken into parts - internal/external, and positive/negative. 

When undertaking a SWOT Analysis it is absolutely vital to be brutally honest and scrupulous in examining the environment and your own or your businesses capacities. Identifying absolutely everything won't ever be possible -- its not a crystal ball after all!-- however taking a significant amount of time to really dig into whats happening, or what may happen, will give you a much clearer perspective on whether to advance with your new idea or head back to the drawing board. 

For a more detailed analysis, or assistance with completing your SWOT Analysis, book a consultation with me.