Business development & marketing for small businesses


Are you ready to take the next step to grow your current business? If you're filled with ideas but not sure how to filter them or choose your next direction, I can help.

If you're just starting out and need advice on all the ins and outs of getting your business up and running, I can help.

Website creation, revamp, and content management

We've all got big ideas about having a website, but when it comes to execution, its easy to become overwhelmed. Maybe you had your cousin's friend make you up a site a few years ago and its looking a little dated, or perhaps you've realised you simply can't keep up with creating and uploading fresh, targeted content.

Never fear. The local marketing guru can help. I've created websites from the ground up, including all written and visual content, as well as worked closely with professional teams of designers, coders and content creators. Let's talk about your specific needs.


Whether you're completely tech-savvy and on the ball, or looking to leap into the world of online marketing, I can work with you to develop your online presence. Everything from registering your domain and setting up your website through to creating sales funnels and managing your Search Engine Marketing, and even creating and managing your social media presence across a variety of platforms, ask me how I can help.

Copy writing

If the idea of writing some engaging business or marketing copy fills you with dread, or you're almost at the end and need fresh eyes to check you're right on track, tap into my 20+ years experience working with words of every kind in every context. You'll be surprised what I can do with everything from the driest technical content, to the most theatrical and over the top copy. Get in touch to find out what I can do.

Graphic design

Need a logo or visual identity created? Need to create some hard-copy promotional materials? Close your Microsoft Publisher and Word immediately and give me a call.

With 20+ years experience in creating visual communications solutions for a huge variety of audiences, businesses and organisations, I'll happily walk you through my process and develop an approach and style that suits your needs.

marketing strategy and planning

No matter what your business or organisation does, you're going to need to drum up interest. You may know exactly what your plan is and need help executing it, or you may see the words "Marketing Plan" and feel your heart palpitate with anxiety.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, consulting a marketing expert to advise and direct you, or straight up develop your marketing plan for you will never go astray.

Want to know more about what I can do?

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